Your assignment was to write a 5 page paper not counting the title page or the references page. In this paper, you should have:
1. Used APA citing and included a title page and reference page, and paper all in APA. And used APA formatting of your paper.
2. Described what System Architecture and Administration is
3. Explained the importance of appropriate investments when designing a system
4. Discussed some of the considerations when designing a new system such as Client/Server Designs, Network Models, Wireless Networks, types of servers, and services you might need that we have been learning about, DNS, DHCP, Remote Access, etc.
***** Was careful to cite all of your sources! Given credit for anything you wrote that was someone else’s idea! Because failure to do so could result in a ‘0’ for this assignment or up to failing the class.****
Each of these 4 items above will be graded based on 7.5 points for each. Grade will be determined based on how well each part is answered, spelling mistakes, and grammar, paper formatting, citing sources, and reference
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