Please watch the required materials and read the required readings and write a response paper. Your response must be to the reading(s) but you have many avenues into it, including your considered appraisal of it, connecting it to other readings or screenings, extending and illustrating its major points, or locating it within broader themes as they emerge in our class. Don’t simply use the reading as a quick jumping off point for your own extended thinking; rather, engage with the reading and the ideas/concepts raised in it as much as possible. In these responses I would like you to communicate something meaningful in an analytical and critical manner about the reading(s) assigned for the week. Your contribution could be a connection you made among the screenings and readings of the week and your own experiences as a media consumer/practitioner/student, or additional issues and questions that you would like to bring to and discuss in class, along with the reasons why these questions are important for
Please watch the following materials:
1.) Required: Con Air (Simon West, 1997). Available at SCA Community. Running time 115m
2.) Required: Nicolas Cage Interview with Jimmy Carter (1996). Available at:
3. (Highly, OH SO HIGHLY) Recommended: The Rock (Michael Bay, 1996). Available at SC Community. Running time 136m
4. (Highly, OH MY, SO HIGHLY) Recommended: Face/Off (John Woo, 1997). Available for rent on most streaming sites. Running time 133m
In terms of order, please watch the two required screenings, followed by reading the two required readings in the order listed above.

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