Write a new research paper on any subject you choose. Unlike the essay for Writing as Exploration, it doesnt have to be persuasive (i.e. it doesnt have to make a logical argument that seeks to persuade the reader); it can be purely descriptive if you like (e.g. A Brief History of World War II). I will grade this paper by evaluating it as a whole its form, content, and research. If you cite only one source and dont record that source in MLA format, you will get a D for draft 1, no matter how good the essay is, because the assignment is to write a research paper.
2.1. Look at the Power Point called Barcelona, Here I Come! in the Power Points folder in Resources area of our NYU Classes website to make sure that your paper conforms to the norms of a formal essay described there. Look at the Power Point called Which-Hunting etc.: it will help you avoid frequent mistakes students make in writing.
2.2. Find at least four sources that are relevant to the topic of your paper, cite them in the text of the paper, and record them in a Works Cited sheet at the end. Your footnotes, endnotes, or in-text citations and your Works Cited sheet must be in MLA format.

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