Write a 1000-1250 word letter to a friend or family member about what you are learning from reading Dinner Party Economics (DPE) using proper spelling, grammar, and paragraphs in the text’s style. The use of slang, short forms, etc. should be as strategic as they are in the book. Feel free to write with a humorous voice, if that is your inclination; You must reference 3 concepts found in DPE. One concept must come from chapters 1-4, another from chapters 5-9 and the last from chapters 9-12; Describe how and why you have found these to be interesting, surprising, or obvious. Apply these concepts to examples from your life, or one not found in the book that you think might be interesting to the reader.
Citing Sources: Only use Dinner Party Economics (DPE). It should reference the page number with (DPE pp XX) in text. For example, “Now I understand why the Keynsian revolution resulted in abandoning the classical view of Macroeconomics (DPE pp. 174).

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