While blockchain has the power to disrupt financial services, the law governing negotiable instruments, as written, currently prevents the use of blockchain to facility these types of transactions. Review the paper, Code_Is_Not_Law_R3.pdf download , and consider the proposals in the paper to allow blockchain to facility negotiable instrument transactions. Select and advocate for one solution presented in the paper. Or, in the alternative, advocate against the use of blockchain in negotiable instrument transactions. Consider these questions: Would these suggested changes circumvent the purpose of the law of negotiable instruments? Would these changes provide greater flexibility and speed in transactions? Would these changes further the purpose of the law of negotiable instruments? Are there other factors that we should consider relevant to the use of blockchain in the financial services arena?
Your paper should, at the very least, be 3 pages long, and should cite any sources you use. You should use proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

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