Why Males Are Prone to Commit Violent Crime in Comparison to Females
Paper instructions:
The Thesis should include the following
1. Draft outline of the thesis: Please provide a five to seven page outline of the thesis including all of the required elements set forth in the Capstone Manual. The literature review section should contain just five to seven of the most important references in bibliographic format, no review required. The analysis and conclusion sections need present only what the results are expected to be.
2. Abstract: create a properly constructed abstract for the capstone thesis. Submit in the abstract in APA style
3.Table of of contents to include the various component of the thesis
4. Please reference the capstone manual provide for guidance
5. Please reference the Literature Review and Thesis proposal for sources use thus far and the method the research intent to follow. The paper will NOT use any live subjects or animal.
6. Please used the same data found on the thesis proposal, Literature review and research design in the final draft of the thesis because its a build-up process. Lastly the capstone manual is the guide we are trying to replicate on the final document (Thesis). Thanks!
Academic style
APA 7th Ed
Number of sources:39

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