Why do large republics cure the baneful effects of faction, according to James Madison (writing as Publius) in Federalist 10?
Background: Theorists of free government had always believed that republics must be small to maintain their republican form, and that large republics were doomed. Madison’s position in Federalist 10 is the opposite. He argues that factions had always destroyed republics, and that large republics could control the effects of faction better than small republics. Historically, republics had always been small, so the American republic would test Madison’s theory for the first time.
Caution: be sure that you know Madison’s definition of what a faction is. His definition is different from the definition that you might find in a dictionary. Read very carefully. Federalist #10 is one of the most important political writings in the history of free government.
Only use Federalist #10 and no other text.
You do not need to cite the text if you include quotations since you are only using Federalist #10.
Organize, edit and present your essay as you would present any other formal, academic paper.
Federalist papers: https://avalon.law.yale.edu/subject_menus/fed.asp

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