Read: Ahmed: Sections 9.1 — 9.8
Read: Bartlett: Chapter 5
Read: Merida: pp. 224 — 257
Read: transcript Organization
There must be at least 6 high quality peer-reviewed sources plus the course textbooks. The sources must include Ahmed (2019), Bartlett (2013), and Merida (2015) course textbooks. These two projects require substantial pre-work to research the topics, locating high quality sources and formatting each essay to strict APA requirements.
Authors should read the assigned chapters in Ahmed (2019), Bartlett (2103), and section topics in Merida (2015). Then, answer the question being posed as a Christian leader with critical reflection of the topic, supported by in-text citations and examples. Each of these essays is focused on the development of students as Christian leaders in organizations. Demonstrate what you have conceptualized on each of the topics. Must include an abstract and conclusion.
Project/Leadership Integration Essay: Components of Analytics Driven Culture – Why are people the most important aspect in an analytics driven culture?
Grading Rubric:
Abstract: There is an abstract statement with topic selection to provide a clear overview of the paper’s contents. The statement adheres to APA and is in depth to properly introduce the paper.
Content: Each section is complete with clear, distinct sections (separate headings for each), and all the content is properly addressed in a thorough manner. Each of the main points for the subsections is thoroughly addressed with a specific discussion and examples applied. A thorough, specific discussion of the of the topic exists with a clear application to the results. Using professional and/or personal life examples. Each of the section is clearly supported with examples and research.
Conclusion: The conclusion offers a well-rounded summary of topics in the paper and suggests a variety of opportunities for future use of topics/relevance / purpose.
Materials: The reference page contains at least 6 scholarly sources within the last 5 years, which are evident within the paper. All required sources are cited and listed in the reference page. The materials are properly cited and quoted in current APA style. The Turnitin originality score is within a proper range.
Structure: The transitions between paragraphs and sections are clear with the use of proper headings and treated with logical order.
Style: The paper has current APA formatted correctly, and the paper is without spelling and grammatical errors.

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