Imagine you are a private in-home caregiver who looks after dementia and alzheimers patients in their homes. Write a brief proposal for a new product or service that you could provide as a side business or that your employer could add to its offerings.
Answer all of the following in order:
1. The Unmet Need(S) And Which Segments (Including The Most Likely “Beach-Head) Experience The Most Pains Or Gains That Would Be Alleviated By Your Solution?
Question 1: What is or are the need(s) (pain(s) or gain(s) or what problem(s) are you trying to solve (and why is now the ideal time to solve it)?
Question 2: Does this problem matter at scale (or is it local and/or relatively trivial)?
Question 3: Who cares most about this problem/issue now or who is the target beachhead segment and buying persona (the actual ‘average’ person that you have in mind here)?
2. The Key Team (Founding Members Including The Potential CEO, CTO And CMO)
Question 1: Which people are best able to get from 0 to 1 or focus on creating radical rather than incremental growth and why?
Question 2: Which people have the best capability and expertise to pursue this journey towards product-market fit for this target beachhead market?
Question 3: Which advisors can best steer the startup through the “valley of death” and why?
3. Product Or Service Offering And How It Offers Unique And Specific Value To Each Identified Key Segment With Unmet Need(S).
Question 1: What MVP feature set best solves the problem(s) for the target beachhead market?
Question 2: What is defensibly unique about the proposed/actual MVP feature set?
Question 3: What is the best-prioritized product/service pipeline development strategy?

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