Please read the following discussions questions. When responding, include the question numbers you chose with your responses.
1. In your opinion, which management concern should managers emphasize? (ie – goals, people, efficiency, etc.). Explain why you feel this way. Also, either provide a personal story and/or do your own research about an individual/manager in the sports world (ie – NFL commissioner, team owners, athletic directors, head coaches, etc.) about manager who emphasized one of these concerns well and was successful.
2. Do you agree with the following statement? “Today’s manager is increasingly more like a coach than a boss. Coaches don’t play the game. They create a climate in which their players can excel…Contemporary managers look much more like coaches than bosses as they guide, listen to, encourage, and motivate their employees.” Why or why not?
3. Describe management from the perspectives of Functions, Skills, and Roles, and explain the relationships among them using an example from the sports industry.

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