This case study will look at the ethical and legal dilemmas associated with the defense of commercial impracticability, which is often referredas frustractiopn of purpose. You will need to find and discuss two florida Court opinionsregarding the defense of commercial impracticability.

For each case, you must provide the following:
1. a brief recitation of the facts of the case indicating the identities of the parties, their relationship
2. a brief recitation of the issue(s) considered by the court as it analyzes the respective rights and responsabilities of the parties.
3.a summary of the court’s decision on the issues and the reason why the court came to this decision.
4. a discussion of the ethical issues involved. The court might not itself consider the ethics of the contract or the relationship between the parties.

However, I ask that you consider the ethics of the following:
a) was there a breach of contract?
b) what was the reason why the party or parties sought to avoid the contract?
c) was this reason known anticipated by the parties to the contract?
d) Ethical for the party or parties to withhold performance?
e) and why or why not?
For each case you are citting,you will need to provide with a case citation, as well as the source for your case, whether it be a legal text, a website, or some others source.

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