Instructions for exams will read, Based on class lectures and readings, answer the following in a well-organized and well-written essay. To prepare for the exam, you will have three possible essay questions. One week before the exam day, I will announce which question you are to answer. You then will have one week to email me your exam essay. The questions are based on subfields of American history that I will discuss in recordings, and for further advice on writing essays, see K. Pickering Antonovas The Essential Guide to Writing History Essays. If you would like to discuss preparing for the exam, please email me.
Possible essay questions for Exam #2:
What was the New Deal coalition and what happened to it during the decades after World War II? What supplanted the New Deal coalition and why?
Who started the Cold War? Why? How did the Cold War begin, continue, and end?
Some historians describe the Civil Rights Movement as Americas Second Reconstruction. How accurate is this assessment and why?

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