To work in an interdisciplinary team, use critical thinking, and apply emergency nursing interventions within the scope of practice for the LPN.
Read the following scenario and answer the questions. A fingerprint indicates a major clue. Make sure you cite all sources using APA format.

The Story:
You (the LPN) are working in an urgent care center on a team with an RN, Physician, and NP. You receive a client (54 year-old-male) who is complaining of acute lower back pain that began four hours ago. The client has no previous history of back pain and denies any recent injury. The client has a history of hypertension and Marfan Syndrome. You perform data collection, and the clients vital signs are: 174/90, 112, 24, 98.0 PO. You note that the clients skin is cool and clammy. The RN performs an assessment and notes a pulsatile mass in the clients abdomen. His lungs are clear, and his pulse is regular. The physician orders two large bore IVs to be inserted but no IV fluids and nitroglycerine to lower his blood pressure.
Answer the following questions:
Question # 1: What is the significance of the clients history of Marfan Syndrome? (5-10 sentences)
Question # 2: What vital sign(s) should the LPN immediately report? Why? (5-10 sentences)
Question # 3: What is the significance of the pulsatile mass (5-10 sentences)
Question # 4: Why did the physician order IVs but no IV fluids? (3 sentences)
Question # 5: Why does the client need to have his blood pressure lowered? (3 sentences)

Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)
Logical, original and insightful
Professional organization, style, and mechanics in APA format

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