Today New York City is one of the most important and influential places on the planet.  Our city’s history, in turn, remains greatly influenced by its formative years during the colonial period – from 1609 to 1776.
For this assignment, watch the PBS film New York: A Documentary History: Episode One and in your paper respond to the following questions:
1 What three things surprised or interested you the most about the film and its depiction of colonial New York?
2 In your own observations of life in New York, how does the colonial period in the city’s history continue to shape and influence life in NYC today?  Give specific examples to illustrate.

NOTE: You only need to watch the first hour of the film.
Your paper must be at least three pages in length, typed and double spaced.  It should have an introduction and a conclusion.  You do not need to do any outside research beyond the film. Submit paper in MS Word or .pdf formats only. Plagiarism as defined in the course syllabus is strictly prohibited.

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