Watch this HBO documentary: Swiped: Hooking up in the Digital Age
Video length: One hour and 25 minutes. You only need to watch these short segments:
#1 Dating and Social Media
#3 Dating Apps
#5 Hot or Not
#6 Looking for Hookups
#16 Grindr
#17 Preoccupation with Appearance
#18 Porn
#19 Sexting
#21 Creating Products Relevant for Women
1) Overarching question: in what ways has technology (social media, dating apps) changed dating relationships since previous periods in U.S. history (1700s, 1800s, and 1900s)?
2) The book notes some important terms: commodification, sexual double-standard, good girl-bad girl, mononormativity, coital imperative, sexual subjectivity, spectating. Where did you see these concepts playing out in the video?
3) What role does race, sexual identity (straight, gay, other sexual orientation), and class play in hook-up culture?
4) What role does pornography play in dating these days? (e.g., sexual satisfaction, intimacy, revenge porn, etc.)
5) What are some consequences of dating technology for men? For women? For relationships?

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