Jack Sallie
This course is entirely online, so we want to get to know each other as much as possible. This will be your first discussion topic and will be worth 15 points. Tell us about you! What name do you prefer to be called? What are your educational goals? What is your favorite food? Favorite musician? Favorite sport? Hobbies? Tell us about your family. What do you hope to learn in this course? Share what you are comfortable sharing and then be sure to reply to at least two other classmates and begin a discussion with them.

Best wishes for a healthy memory!
Prof. Jack Sallie
Hello, my name is Sheilyn. I prefer to be called Sheilyn. My educational goals are to become a wealthy life insurance agent and eventually become a broker then own my own business. (can you elaborate on this? I don’t know what else to put). My favorite food is Mexican soft tortilla tacos. My favorite musician is Pink. I like her mezzo-soprano voice. My favorite sport is swimming. My favorite hobby is outdoor activities like a walk on the trails near my house.

My mom died not too long ago. She was like any other mom. Loving, caring, concerned, but when she was angry you definitely knew it.
And well, my dad was never in the picture because he left my mom when she was pregnant with me.

and you can answer this question: What do you hope to learn in this course? This class is called Memory Development
Peer response (1):
Hello Class,
My name is Antoinette. I prefer to go by A. My current academic goal at MC is to obtain my ADN (associate nursing degree). I plan to obtain my BSN from Maryland University then continue to obtain my masters degree at some point. I enjoy listening to music, dancing, and watching movies. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite sport is basketball. I’m a huge Lakers fan. My family originates from Jamaica they are fun and exciting. My favorite musician is Wizkid at the moment I enjoy listening to Afro beats. I hope to learn some skills and techniques for memorization; I plan to take Anatomy in the fall semester. Im hoping to apply what I learn in this course to that class.

Peer Response (2):
My name is Noah and I prefer to go by that as well. Current academic goals are to transfer to UMD and earn my BS in Computer science. I love burgers and to watch movies. I don’t really like music or sports. I hope to learn techniques to help me for my future courses.

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