Each “Disease” must be half a page long
Separate each Disease by number
Disease #1 Pertussis
Disease #2 Toxic Shock Syndrome
Disease #3 Cholera
Disease #4 Hepatitis B
Disease #5 leprosy
Disease #6 Plague
Disease #7 HIV
Disease #8 Listeriosis
Disease #9 dengue fever
Disease #10 gonorrhea
Disease #11 tuberculosis
Disease #12 west Nile virus
Must answer the following questions
1. What disease did you choose to write about?
2. What taxon (singular) does the causative agent belong to? Examples of different taxa (plural) would include bacterium, virus, fungus, protozoan etc.
3. What is the scientific name of the organism (Genus and species) that causes the disease?
4. How is this disease transmitted?
5. What are some of the signs and symptoms of the disease?
6. What is the common medical treatment for this disease?

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