Hello, this is for my Musical Threate Class, my Musical will be:
Miss Saigon 1991
-Claude-Michel Schonberg; Boublil & Schonberg, book; Maltby & Boublil, lyrics;
– Technomusical: The helicopter; John Napier;
– Yellowface Controversy;
Here is the rubric for the paper, should be MLA Format, Thank you in Advance
Fan Letter (750 word minimum)
Write a Fan Letter to a musical theatre artist and tell them why you admire them. This assignment combines research, analysis and creativity in order to give you an in-depth understanding of the contributions of one composer, lyricist, librettist, performer, choreographer or director of stage musicals.
In order to avoid duplications, this essay assigns you to a musical on the class outline by using your roster number. But you choose which musical artist involved in that show to write to! This will also ensure that you are choosing a Musical Theatre artist, and not just a contemporary singer or performer. After reading about your chosen artist in our text or online sources, do some basic research on their background, their other productions, and what others have written or said about their artistry. Before writing the letter, spend time analyzing their work to get to know what you feel are the reasons that make their accomplishments stand out. Some of the questions below may help you gain familiarity with their work:
If you choose a Composer: What is the quality of this composer’s music? How does the composer use Soft or Loud values (dynamics); Fast or Slow beats (Tempo); or High or Low tones (Pitch). How do these expressive qualities create an emotional mood in their work?
If … a Librettist: Are there compelling themes in the stories of this librettist’s book? Statement made by the show? Intention in writing this work? Would you classify the musical as tragedy, comedy, melodrama, farce, tragicomedy? How does the plot succeed?
Lyricist: What makes the lyrics work for the songs of this lyricist? Can you describe their lyrics as witty, simple and straightforward, poetic?
Choreographer: What made the dances work? Were they graceful and solemn? Highly paced and sensuous? How well did the choreographer shape the movements of all the dancers?
Director: Actors cast appropriately? Imaginative use of the space? Theatrical compositions of actors and settings that helped the audience see the story being told? Movement of the actors well motivated? Pace of the action effective?
Actor/Singer: Believable characterizations? Actors related to each other believably? Performers seemed spontaneous, relaxed, and natural? Easy to understand? Clear and resonant vocal qualities? Comfortable singing range? Singing tone appropriate for the character?
After completing the research and analysis, write a Fan Letter to your chosen artist and express your admiration for them. Use the following structure for the paragraphs of the letter:
Introduction: Tell him or her why you like their work (artistic style of movement, cleverness of lyrics, importance of issues, quality of musical forms, etc.). Avoid making only general descriptions of praise, and focus more on the reasons that you appreciate their work.
Career: Express your admiration for their entire body of work and how they’ve succeeded in their career. Perhaps include awards, challenges they had to overcome, specific shows where they distinguished themselves, great roles they’ve played, etc.
Focus Musical: Go into depth on the musical from the outline. Include details of who, what, when, and where it was performed, what themes were explored, what plot line it followed, and most importantly, your artist’s contribution to the show. Use examples from the show to reveal their artistry. You might use a quoted section from the dialogue or lyrics and present why you think the quote is significant. You could include your analysis of the questions posed above. Discuss moments from the show, and what made them stand out.
Conclusion: Finish with a clear statement of what you feel was significant about their contribution to musical theatre. Perhaps share how you identify with one of their characters or found personal relevance to their performance.

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