What is your issue, why is it important, what is the background of the issue, is there any pending legislation? 2 pts max
Discuss the natural coalition partners as well as organizations that might wish to oppose your issue, discuss their sizes and rationale for or against your issue. Give some background for each organization you discuss – 3 pts max (FIND NON-PROFITS)
What is the public image regarding your issue? What is your plan to enhance the public image, explain your techniques and how you will impact public image regarding your issue. Discuss the timeline and costs for your public image campaign – 3 pts max
Who are the legislators most likely to support your issue? Why do you identify them as such? Why do they care about your issue? What legislators are most likely to oppose your issue and why? Make sure you stick with your level of governance when focusing on legislators. – 4 pts max
How will you educate legislators and/or members of the public on your issue? What key points will you highlight in order to put pressure on legislators to move your issue forward? How will you develop a legislator constituent network in order to allow legislators to hear directly from those who are impacted by the issue in their district? What should they stress with their legislators? – 4 pts max
What is the long-term goal of your advocacy work? How will you accomplish this work? Are there a series of short-term legislative victories you will seek to achieve? How will the legislative election cycle of the governance level of the of the issue impact your efforts for change? How will you use the election cycles to your long-term advantage? What do you hope to specifically get done in the next legislative cycle and how will you do so? – 2 pts max

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