Cultural Strategy Research Analysis Assignment Description
Purpose of Assignment
The purpose of this first assignment is to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the organization sponsoring our class real-life project. The course scaffolded project will incorporate multiple parts in order to develop a final presentation. The project starts by setting the groundwork with the Strategy Research Analysis (individual), Stakeholder Analysis (Individual) and the Needs & Gap Analysis Storyboard (team), which will be the backbone for the Cultural Consulting Project Report and Presentation (Team).
Program Competencies
Cultural Analysis
Strategic Thinking
Communication Skills
Program Learning Outcomes
Stakeholder Management
Incorporate communication theory, skill development, research findings, and best practices to assess the role of communication in supporting organizational performance by influencing the attitudes and behaviors of internal and external stakeholders.
Cultural & Ethical Assessment
Synthesize your experience, learning, and academic knowledge across the program to reflect upon your cultural and ethical perspectives on communication competencies in personal and professional context.
Communication Fluency
Demonstrate professional oral and written communication proficiency by crafting and delivering persuasive messages to target audiences.
Cultural Strategy Research Analysis
This assignment is set the ground work and synthesize the information between the opening course material terminology and the sponsoring organization. It will be necessary to evaluate the materials provided in order to prepare the actual assignment.
Below are instructions for the pre-work to accomplish in the process of formulating the content for the assignment.
1. Complete the assigned reading and supplemental materials for Week 1.
2. Review the materials provided by our sponsor. This will require some initial researching the region to gather insights into the cultures.
3. Start to identify the stakeholders. Who are the people influenced by the organization, either directly or indirectly? How is the organization structured? What are the roles and how are they interdependent?
4. What is the industry in region?
5. Articulate your unknowns and critical inquiry questions that you are realizing you would like to know in the upcoming interview with the organization’s leadership.
Start with an executive summary or abstract (one paragraph) as a summary of your understanding of British Columbia Business Council (BCBC). Following the overview, document the three annotated bibliographies. Review the annotated bibliographies instructions under Week 2 Supporting Materials. Each resource should start with the APA reference, then document one paragraph offering a critical overview and what this resource offers related to the project. One annotated bibliography per resource. Organize the annotated bibliographies based on alphabetical order by the first author’s last name. A minimum of three academic or referred resources. Keep in mind that three public/popular resources count as one academic resource. This is an individual assignment, but you are welcome to collaborate with your colleagues. Do not copy the article abstract. Review Week 2 Module, Cultural Negotiation and Response to Change – Research for writing tips.

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