Module 10 Assignment: Self-Monitoring Project III
Self-Monitoring Project III
Review and update your
self-monitoring project. Use the feedback you have received and the additional
information from modules 5-10 and principles covered in those modules.
Complete and submit the
Self-Monitoring Project section for Module 10. Set one or two new goals for
your continued learning as you continue your preparation to become a
teacher. Use the Self-Monitoring document to
complete this assignment.
Activities to Complete
Note that you will find all the activities listed below (with
the exception of the textbook reading) within this module including articles,
videos, quizzes, discussions, and drop boxes for assignments.
Complete the following required items for Module
What is self-assessment? Why is it important in the learning process? The topic of self-assessment links back to the teaching and learning principles we studied earlier in this course. Where do you see connections between the concept of self-assessment and earlier APA teaching and learning principles? Read:
American Psychology Association. (2018). Assessment Principles. Retrieved from
Read the article in the link below on the importance of self-assessment. Read: Dyer, K. (2015, July
21). The Importance of Student Self-Assessment. NWEA. Retrieved from
Review your Learning
Plan/Self-monitoring project to prepare your own self-assessment on your
learning in this course.
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