Final reflection paper questions:
As you think about the topics we have covered throughout the semester what three strategies will you employ in the future to help you become a better student? What is it about the three strategies that you believe will help you? Include specific ideas from the book and our chapter overviews to help you write your paper.
Your paper should include five paragraphs: 1. An introductory paragraph that introduces the three strategies 2. A paragraph describing strategy one 3. A paragraph describing strategy two 4. A paragraph describing strategy three 5. A summary paragraph.
Here are some of the topics we covered in class:
Chapter 2: Staying Motivated, Organized and on track
Organizing your space and time
Chapter 3: Thinking about Thought
Problem solving and decision making
Chapter 4: Taking Notes and Remembering
Review of notetaking methods, TEDD Talk on Memory
Chapter 5: Reading to Learn
Methods for reading to learn, dealing with special texts, Time Management Assignment
Chapter 6: Preparing for Taking Tests
Test Anxiety and How to Control It, TEDD Talk Inside the Mind of a Procrastinator
Chapter 7: Interacting with Instructors and Classes
Communicating with Instructors, participating in class, public speaking
Chapter 8: Writing for Class
How can I become a better writer?
Chapter 9: The Social World of College
Getting along with others, living with diversity, campus groups
Chapter 10: Taking Control of Your Health
Nutrition, weight control, exercise, sleep, Tea and Consent video (consent and sex)
Chapter 11: Taking Control of Your Finances
Making money, spending less, credit cards, financing college
Chapter 12: Taking Control of your Future
Career Exploration, Choosing your Major, Career Development Starts Now

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