Answer the following two questions and then on a seperate document respond to 5 different classmates post by addressing them directly. For example, Greg i agree with ur post because… or Greg you made some great points on ur post… anything like that… The students post u will respond to will be attached to order. 25-50 words each response.
This forum utilizes a question and answer format. The discussion questions that each student should answer are posted below. Students will reply to the questions first. Do not repeat or copy the questions in your reply. If you do so, the copied question will not count towards your word count requirement. Your initial post with your answers to the questions must be approximately 200-300 words in length. Please reply directly within the forum. Do not upload a document as attachment.
View the website linked below.
After reading these primary sources, post a response to the following question:
What insights about the physical and psychological impacts of the Great Depression did you learn by viewing the photographs?
How did studying the photographs enhance your understanding of the time period?

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