Please click on the link to Essay One prompts: African American Literature Exam #1.pdf
Follow the directions on the assessment. Additionally, please take he time to carefully review all the test items before drafting responses.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
When is the assignment due? Submissions are due Monday, June 14th at 8 am. NO EXCEPTIONS or extensions will be offered.
What happens if I post the wrong document? Be sure to carefully post the correct document the first time. No resets will be afforded.
How do I post onto the Bb platform? Posting on Bb is simple. Follow these steps:
Compose an essay using Microsoft Word document. NO OTHER formats will be accepted, and DO NOT save your document in Google Docs. If Word is not installed on your computer, please visit one of the on-campus computer labs.
Save your finished word document.
Click on the blue “Writing Assignment #2 — Due Monday, June 14th at 8 am” button on this assignments page.
Click “Browse Computer,” and locate your document on your device.
Load the document, and click “Submit.”
Remember: DO NOT type your paper directly onto the Bb platform.
How many documents should I post?
Type and submit ONLY ONE WORD document, featuring both responses.
Remember to construct original titles that are appropriate for your responses.
Save the single Word document, as “Your Name_Writing Assignment 2”
DO NOT WRITE THE PROMPT; instead, identify the number of the prompts you selected.
What format should I use?
ALL students should use the MLA format. To get more information about the MLA format, refer to the following link: MLA format
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