Discussion Questions
Discrimination in the workplace is sometimes difficult to prove, and sometimes the process can be intimidating to those who feel that have been discriminated against.
Part 1: You are an employee/applicant, and you feel that you have been discriminated against.

o Provide a description of the occurrence (could be true events, based on true events, or made up)
o Include and explain the probable disparate impact/treatment and the outcome
o Provide as many details as possible and provide more details if requested
Part 2: Respond to the Part 1 below as the HR representative

o Determine is there probable cause/no probable cause/right to sue
o What federal and/or state laws and guidelines come into play?
o Possible defenses to the discrimination claim
o Ways to avoid further situations from occurring again or at all
o If needed please ask your “employee/applicant” for more details

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