This assignment requires that you watch one film that deals with intercultural communication and write a 4-page critical review of the film. The list of films is provided for some guidance but you are free to use any film/movie of your choosing as long as it provides representation of intercultural communication in action.
The goal of the film review is for you to apply your understanding of intercultural communication to cultural interactions reflected in films. As you watch the film, you should be reflecting on the ideas we have read for class. The film review requires more than summaries of stories. Your focus should be to make an argument (or arguments) about some aspect(s) of the film as they relate to intercultural communication. For example, if you believe that the story of the film shows how prejudices are formed and how categorical thinking and fear of difference impact intercultural communication, then your thesis would state this and your review paper would explain the relationships you see between prejudice and intercultural communication. You should be able to use some examples from the film to support your thesis and specific arguments.
In addition to providing some critical, thoughtful insights into intercultural communication, your review should also be well organized and clearly written. Your review paper will be graded on how clearly you present and develop your thesis and how fully you demonstrate your arguments and ideas.
How is language a means of preserving identity?
How do the characters (or the character) resist being completely oppressed and disempowered by the dominant culture?
What does this movie suggest about cultural differences? Similarities across cultures?
What is the relationship between the main characters in the movie and the mainstream or dominant culture? How does the main character negotiate that relationship?
What insights can we draw from this novel about intercultural communication?
How does this movie help us understand the relationships among culture, communication, context, and power?
Gran Torino – 2008, Directed by Clint Eastwood

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