This assignment asks you to become the native and reflect on the ways in which your culture
shapes you as a person. Take a close ethnographic look at the spaces of your daily life, such as your
bedroom, bathroom, backyard, or car; or contemplate the stuff on your desk, kitchen table,
computer desktop, in your fridge, backpack, or closet. Select a space that you think best represents
you as a person and that you feel comfortable discussing. Now take a photo of that space and the
objects in it, and use the questions below to discuss them. The lecture on culture and meaning will
provide you with helpful pointers in this assignment.

This assignment must include:
a photo of the space you have chosen for analysis;
at least one relevant quotation from the assigned readings that shows how your analysis
connects to the course; the quotation must be referenced with the authors last name and
the page number in the reading; for instance, (Geertz, p. 219)
a discussion of the imagery in the photo that addresses at least two (2) of the following
1. What does the space and the objects in it reveal about your gender, social class,
generation, ethnicity, or race?
2. How does the space speak to your values, beliefs, or worldview?
3. What do you learn from that space about yourself and the culture that you represent?
4. What would you say is of utmost importance in that culture? (think kinship, friendship,
hierarchy, power, religious belief, or perhaps consumption and material values)
This assignment should be approximately 400-500 words and submitted as a Word document
through the link provided on URC. Email submission will not be accepted.

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