There will be 2 case study write-ups due in this course and should be submitted to the appropriate dropbox by the due date listed in the course calendar below. The case study write-ups will be as follows:
Case studies can be found in your textbook. The assigned case name and questions you need to answer will be posted in the appropriate assignment section on our course site.
Write a response to the assigned questions that are at the end of the case study. (You only have to respond to the questions listed in the assignment below.)
Use APA Formatting Guidelines : 12 point font, Times New Roman, double space, etc. For this short assignment you do not need a title page or abstract.
Target the length of your paper to be between 1 – 3 pages excluding your reference list and appendix.
You must cite any and all resources include the article you selected. Use APA Formatting Guidelines including in-text citations and a reference list.
Effective writing helps clarify ideas and communicate those ideas to others. Be organized, clear, and succinct. Grammar, punctuation, style, and spelling count. Write in American English that is appropriate to the business community.
Appropriate language and tone, accurate spelling, correct grammar, appropriate punctuation, and logical organization.
If you need assistance with your writing, the San Francisco Writing Center provides drop-in and by appointment help. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) is available for students online.
Case Study #2 Break Away Brand
Using the directions above, answer questions #1, #2, and #3 at the end of the case on pages 202 – 203 in your textbook.
Case Study Questions:
With reference to the case study and Covestro’s website (
1. What do you consider to be Covestro’s core competencies?
2. Based on the information contained in the website, how do you think the company positions itself within the material industry?
3. Asses the coherence of the new corporate identity chosen for Bayer’s independent spin-off material sciences division, based o the online presentation of this new business.

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