Discussion Post 6: Make sure you understand how bad it is if you don’t cite. Please anything thats not your idea must be cited.
Discussion Post 6:
Complete discussion post one by following the main instructions and selecting one image from your textbook from chapter 14 only.
TEXTBOOK IS COMPULSORY, Failure to cite properly may result in a grade 0 on the post and could be deemed as academic dishonesty.

Discussion Post Instructions for EVDS 1660
You have six research essay discussion posts this term. Each post will have a specific topic based on your textbook chapters (see below) but first you will read the general instructions and requirements for all of your posts.
Each post must 500 words. A successful post will not be under 500 words and should not exceed 500 words by more than 50 words. Part of the challenge of these posts is meeting or not exceeding the word count. Each post will begin by choosing an image (work of art, artifact, building, garden, ruin, etc.) from the assigned chapter/chapters that sparks interest and discussion in relation to the course. You are to select only one image unless the specific post states otherwise. You will include this image at the start of the post by formatting and following the image spec provided on UMlearn. If you do not follow the image formatting requirements you will not be successful in the post. Your image can be scanned or found online with the proper citation and description.

For the essay you will need an introduction with thesis statement in italics, body paragraphs (no specified amount) and a conclusion. You should explain in writing how your chosen image relates to the genre/traditions discussed in the chapter. These posts will be used to assess your understanding of materials and processes as well as the possible social, political, and religious role of art within each specific chapter. You must cite your researched, quoted/paraphrased/summarized information using Chicago style 17th edition Endnote or bracket (Author, Date, Page Number) only. Your post should be free of spelling and grammatical errors and use good syntax. Failure to cite properly may result in a grade 0 on the post and could be deemed as academic dishonesty.

Sources: You must use a min of two sources for each post. Your textbook must be one of these sources. Do not use encyclopedias, dictionaries, or open source sites suchs as artsy, artstory or youtube. Documentaries (unless required) and any non-academic are not permitted. *A museum website is always a good choice.

Tip for your thesis statement: I am happy with a basic thesis statement if this is your comfort level, for example, “the following essay will argue or discuss….” These posts are not to be conducted in the first person and citations are expected at the end of each sentence that is not information of your own invention.

Bibliography: You must have a bibliography at the end of the post, after your citations in Chicago Style 17th edition.
**IN ADDITION: You will also comment on at least 1 fellow student’s post for each of the six posts. Respond to another student’s post with a substantive comment that furthers the discussion of the theme or idea developed in their response. These responses are to be in the first person, but remember, your essay is not to be a personal reflection and should not use the first person. For your response, 2-3 sentences are sufficient

What constitutes a substantial comment? The following are examples for guidance: Substantial Comment: I was not aware that such a large portion of xxx work was related to the theme of xxx. I can see from your image that… this… Insubstantial Comment: I loved your image, it made me think about xxx in a new way. Thanks!

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