Look back at your assignment, Self-Reflection of Learning Goals #1 and evaluate each initial goal. Consider again what is “critical reflection” and how to be a “reflective practitioner.” You had three goals around being a team-based learner, class participation, and evidence-based practice and writing skills. For this assignment, EACH goal should be addressed.
How did you do? Did a goal change? Are there areas you improved or continue to need improvement? What did you do well? If you did not improve, describe why not. Give examples. Did you get spontaneous feedback from your classmates that you can incorporate into your self-evaluation? Was this assignment helpful to your development professionally? Did you do something with positive results that was inspiring? What are the highlights of your learning? Did you apply your critical thinking skills?
Be honest, but be good to yourself at the same time. One quarter is a short amount of time. Personal growth takes time, humility, patience, and willingness. The objective is to make conscious improvements that will impact your future as a student, as a classmate, a citizen, and as a healthcare provider. I am looking for genuine effort, improvement, and conscious self-evaluation and reflection!

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