After understanding a little about our past, what were some key factors in humans being able to live as they do today?
What is an example of “boring” culture that Social Cultural Anthropologists might find interesting? What is an example of “popular” culture that is more popular to the masses, but perhaps not as appealing to study for anthropologists?
What are the different definitions of race, ethnicity and nationality? How do social cultural anthropologists view these definitions?

Provide some examples of the 6 elements that make human language unique (Openness, Arbitrariness, Duality of Patterning, Displacement, Semanticity, Prevarication).
After learning about language ideologies, please give an example of a language ideology and how that can/does effect people’s behavior.
What are some different ways that boys/men and girls/women communicate? Why does the author believe men and women miscommunicate?

How was the idea of evolution different from previous thoughts of how species came about / disappeared?
What is Natural Selection? How is it used incorrectly in mainstream culture?
What are some unique evolutionary trends of primates?
What are the advantages of being bipedal?

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