Assignment 2:
Use these sources below
* Video: Free Internet Legal Research (John Marshall Law School)
How To Do Free Internet Legal Research
* Video: Legal Research Without the Law Library (Jennifer Behens/Duke University’s Goodson Law Library)
Legal Research …Without the Law Library
1. What are free internet resources available to the legal researcher?
2. Is it possible to conduct effective legal research without having access to a law library?( Properly cite all sources used at end)
Assignment 3:
A deed is the tangible physical evidence of real property ownership. Generally, a properly recorded deed can be relied on to determine property ownership, but there are exceptions. There are frequent property thefts occurring in New York City. Please review the news segment and post a critical reaction to the issues raised.

Seen At 11: Con Artists Stealing NYC Homes Through ‘Dirty Deeds’

(Use the two news segments above )
(Properly cite all sources used at end)
Assignment 4:
What is the difference between an equitable remedy and a remedy at law?  Which is more common?
Have you ever sought a remedy in a contractual sense?  Are there times when you wished that you had sued on a contact in seeking a contractual remedy?
(Properly cite all sources used at end)

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