You receive an email from a practice administrator at a client site. In the email the client mentions that they suspect weight-based medication doses are calculating incorrectly in OncoEMR for chemotherapy drugs. In the email, they send a patients medical record number as an example of this occurring. You are the first person to see this email.
1. What actions do you take? What types of resources would you leverage? Please outline your investigative steps including any internal and client-facing communication.
2. You found the root cause! You also determine that it is a fix that the engineering team will need to complete. Draft a communication to the engineering team. Please include the types of information from your investigation you would send to the engineering team.
Now, imagine you were able to identify the root cause of the issue, and the engineering team has begun working on a fix. Engineering has not given you an expected completion date on the fix. The client has asked for an update by the end of the business day.
3. What do you do? What do you communicate back to the client?

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