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Situation Analysis (3Cs and SWOT Analysis)
Company analysis (include challenges, strengths, and weaknesses, products, capacity for change, financial strength, cultural factors, etc.), customer analysis (current and/or proposed, what are their value drivers? You should also consider how to segment the market), competitor analysis (current and/or emerging), and other external industry factors (size, growth, concentration).
Remark 1: You may use SWOT analysis to systematically describe and analyze Company and Competitors company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (what your competitors may do). You might have read SWOT from the textbook or have learned it from your previous business classes. You can continue to use SWOT as part of your 3C analysis.
Remark 2: A careful analysis should naturally lead to an understanding about opportunities and possible threats. Don’t waste any analysis on problems you are not trying to solve. Keep your problem statement in front of you for every piece of analysis and use it to screen what is truly meaningful. The information included should be related to solving the problem that you have chosen. The ‘so what’ question will arise with your audience if they ask themselves, ‘Why are you telling me this?’ Don’t let the ‘so what’ question arise. Checklist:
Is my situational analysis practical to use?
Is it easy and clear for even an outsider to understand?
Does it point to my STP recommendations?
Make sure to include every questions, as well as a Perceptual map to show positioning. Try to think it as a two-sided market ( for the faculty and students).

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