Answer all parts of this Final essay. When you are done, post it here on Blackboard or email it to me
Before you answer the question, watch the video Essay #1 Instructions at POWERPOINT VIDEO LINKS.
Each part (a, b, and c) should be at least two paragraphs EACH and must include IDs from our class powerpoints. Use your own words to explain and analyze the connections, and do not just cut-and-paste from the powerpoints.
Google information will lose points. Only want references from the class powerpoints
1. American popular culture is strongly associated with large media corporations and consumerism. Using at least two specific examples from our class notes for each part, show how this has been true during all of these time periods:
(a) the 1920s
(b) Baby Boom America from 1945‑1960
(c) from 1980 to today (at least one from the Merchants of Cool)

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