Write an overview of Emaar Properties and DAMAC Properties (two separate things). Then write the market position of UAE (in general) and include the two companies market positions. Then conduct S.W.O.T analysis for the two companies (separately) highlighting main financial and market strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Using APA style (use in text citation). A4 size, with the suggested following layout: (i) top margin 2.5 cm; bottom margin 2.5 cm; left margin 3.5 cm; and right margin 2.5 cm. (ii) Papers must be written for compatibility with: Word for Windows; with the suggested font and format attributes: Arial font, size 12; single line spacing paragraph; and justify alignment. The page numbers have to be centred at the
bottom of the page. References need to be in APA format. Free plagiarism, for sure. Use scholarly sources. use business terminology

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