This week’s reading focuses on crisis management. The sole article, written by Goski Alabi, is entitled Concepts for Managing in Turbulent Times: Received Wisdom from Dr. Deming.
First, under the paragraph heading Defining Management in Turbulent Times on page 13, Peter F. Drucker and Edwards W. Deming offer what are arguably competing views on managing during difficult periods. Which one of the two is right, are they both right or is neither right? How do you know? Support your answer with material from the reading.
Second, what is Dr. Deming telling us in the following statement: “Information no matter how complete and speedy is not knowledge. Knowledge comes from theory, and without theory, there is no way to use the information that comes to us on the instant” (Alabi, 2012, p.16)
Third, what is the purpose of selecting a management or leadership theory to inform your homeland security strategy? Is it possible to develop, implement and evaluate an efficient and effective homeland security strategy that is not informed by theory? How do you know?
Necessary source is attached!

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