This is the professors orders. I have attached the file of the assignment’s prompt. Thank You
There will be a term paper that is due on October 15. The paper is to be at least 8 pages long and a minimum of 2750 words. You must have a bibliography. Abstract and title page are not required, nor do they count towards the page count. The bibliography also does not count towards the page and word count. Graduate students are expected to complete a 20 page paper. Font size is 12 point (Times New Roman or Ariel only), with standard one-inch margins, double spaced. (Any deviation from this will result in a significant grade penalty) The paper’s topic must deal with an area of criminal procedure, or a right related to criminal procedure. I will allow you to pick your own topic, however it must be approved in advance. Topic proposals are due September 17. Your topic proposal is a one-page summary (using the same font and spacing requirements previously indicated) in which you lay out what you intend your paper to entail. The purpose of the proposal is for me to review and approve your topic selection. Sample topics will be discussed during the class sessions prior to the initial deadline. The paper should adequately represent that you have an understanding of the topic and have given it a thorough analysis. General statements without research to support a position will not be considered favorably. Your work product should show that you did more than write a position paper, but rather show that you researched the topic. I require a minimum of 7 sources but expect many of you may use significantly more. These sources must be from a real book or journal. Internet versions of journals and books are fine. Sources from the Internet like Wikipedia and similar sites do not count as a source, nor does the course textbook! If you fail to have the minimum number of sources, or pages you will be SERIOUSLY downgraded. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation are expected as these play a significant part in your grade. You MUST reference all of your sources. If you fail to do so and simply copy someone else’s work…including using an old term paper of yours, it is considered a violation of ethics. (See below discussion on plagiarism) Failure to turn in any required assignments or poor attendance will also result in you not receiving bonus points if offered.

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