this is just a short paragraph answer to two questions. I will provide you with course material to reference from, (outside sources preferably not to be used). No reference page needed, just reference in text citations.
I will provide three questions and you can choose which two you want to answer more.
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Discipline: Criminology
Option 3: (10 marks total)
In the first three weeks, we have covered a few key terms but one of the most central terms has been the
notion of discourse.
a) In your own words, explain the notion of discourse and then explain why discourse is particularly
important in understanding the notion of moral regulation. Provide an explanation of the term moral
regulation as well. (4 marks)
b) How does the concept of discourse relate to calls for critical criminologists to be self-critical? Provide
an example to support your explanation. (3 marks)
c) Finally, explain how Foucault’s notion of a genealogical method connects to the notion of discourse. In
your answer, make sure that you explain the genealogical method as well. (3 marks)
I have provided 3 questions and two of the questions need to be answered

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