-The Review of Literature MUST tell a story. Don’t write it superficially.
-Tie-in chapters one and two
-In the present tense.
-no sentence can be longer than 21 words.
-No past tense words
Chapter Two is written for readers that do not have a background in the topic and for knowledgeable
peers who want to gain an understanding of a practice, output, prototype, or process. Keep in mind,
the writing must guide/aid the reader in making credible decisions based on the work described in
later Chapters.
Chapter Two is not an article, report, textbook, or bibliography of subject matter loosely related to the
subject of the study. Every research study, article, interview, etc., mentioned needs to, in some way,
bridge the gap in knowledge. Each study or resource mentioned needs to begin or end with how it
relates to the study of a particular portion of it. For example, what reference or credibility can be
given for a particular research

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