In Part 3, you will gather your research
information and analysis conducted in part 2 to complete and submit your final
paper. Be sure that your final paper includes a title page and references
page that follow APA format.

Your final report should have an overview of
the organization that you have investigated, including a discussion for your
selection of this organization and why it demonstrates the issues of
organization design that you discussed. You should review the issues of design
and structure that you have deemed important and present your research that
illustrates those issues in your organization.

The report should also discuss
how the theories of organization design operate in your organization to
consciously (or perhaps unconsciously) contribute to or detract from the
success of your organizations strategy. You may wish to provide some
recommendations to your organization in light of your research.
By Unit 11, submit a group paper of 2000-2500 words, double spaced,
12-point font, excluding title page and references, that reports your research.

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