The Final Project consists of two major components: a research question, and a research plan.
Remember, if you use information from any source, it must be properly cited using APA format. If you do not include citations on quoted or paraphrased material, you will not receive credit for your project.
Attach one Microsoft Word document containing properly labeled responses to both Part I and Part II assessment questions described below.
Course Learning Objective:
Identify conventions of contemporary information organization and storage.
Part I. (10 points)
Identify a research question that you would like to answer. Provide some background and reasoning why you selected this question in this section. The question can be anything you’re interested in, but it must be a question that can be answered using contemporary information organization and retrieval tools. Note: you are not designing an experiment or selecting a research design. You are simply choosing a question that you can potentially find an answer to using information-retrieval tools like databases, the web, etc.
Part II. (20 points)
Develop an appropriate research plan to help you answer your question. In this section:
a. Identify the steps you will follow in answering your question.
b. Explain what source types there are in the information landscape that could help you answer your question, and fully describe the way those sources are stored, organized, and accessed/retrieved.
c. Determine, and justify, which of those source types you will select and why.
d. Provide step-by-step descriiption of how you will complete your search, ie., what search concepts and keywords will you use; what search tools (ie., databases, card catalogs, the web, librarians, experts, etc.) will you select; what basic and advanced search strategies might you employ, etc.; and finally
e. How will you ethically and responsibly manage and organize the information you’ve gathered.

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