The class is macroeconomics.
Here is the instructions for the paper. These are copy and pasted from my professors rubric.
You are to select an economic topic of your choice and find at least 1 article no more than 3 years old from The Economist magazine related to that topic. Your paper should be two FULL pages minimum (typed using Word, double-spaced, 12 point font with 1″ margins) and be in your own words. You need only a one-line header with your name. You should summarize what the articles say, but the focus of your summary should be on why you chose the articles, how they relate to what we studied within the course so far (indicate which chapter it relates to in the text), and whether the articles support or contradict what your text says regarding the subject. You must also include a copy of the articles or a link within your summary. You will be graded on your ability to research a quality article, writing skills in summarizing it and the professional way in which you prepare it.
Some topics we have covered the big economic questions, economic problems (opportunity cost, economic growth), demand and supply, jobs and inflation (employment and unemployment), economic growth and GDP, Finance savings and investment (financial institutions and markets, loanable funds market), Money the price level and inflation (money as a medium of exchange, depository institutions), the exchange rate and balance of payments (Foreign exchange market, Exchange rate policy, financing international trade). This is again in Macroeconomics and it is more or less the textbook definition of these topics and what may fall under them.

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