Write an application paper that provides a thorough overview of concepts discussed in this week’s videos and readings. Share lessons learned and how you may apply them in your context. Your paper should be 3-5 pages, written in APA, with references to the Barrett text and incorporating the HBR reading. Follow the template below as your organize your paper.
1) Summarize the major concepts from the chapters you read in the Barrett text and provide practical examples of lessons applied. These can either be real life scenarios in areas where you lead or it can be examples of how you would act in specific situations.
2) Summarize the major concepts from the HBR reading and provide practical examples of lessons applied from HBR.
3) Evaluate – Considering all the steps discussed, which of them are most valuable in your desired position and why? Integrate faith into your evaluation. Are these concepts in line with your faith and/or are there any conflicts? Explain.
4) Improvement – In your conclusion, respond to the feedback from your previous reflective essay comments and explain how you addressed them.
5) Produce professional work – Make sure information is presented clearly, there are no issues with spelling and grammar, and you are following APA guidelines for citations and formatting.

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