talk about the attention-seeking stigma in mental health
General Purpose of a Literature Review:
Not an opinion piece
Provide a focused overview of the research and exploration on a given topic.
Summarize the articles or the research project that the authors published and what the overall
message is of their publish work
Integrate the material from the experts in the field on the topic and related issues.
Minimum of 7 professional references
Minimum of 4 peer reviewed research articles since 2010
research articles, book chapters, professional text
APA Formatting:
Title page, headings, citations, reference page (title and reference pg doesn’t count as pages)
The subject matter of the paper must be appropriate to and fulfill the assignment.
The paper must be about some aspect of mental health concerns.
After an introduction explore the various research you found, then provide a strong overarching conclusion about the mental health concern you focused on.

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