The purpose of the essay is to relate sociological theory to a current event. To complete this assignment, you must:
a) Select a newspaper article dated January 1, 2021 or later, from a mainstream newspaper, such as The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, New York Times. Do not use newspapers such as the Western Gazette or an obscure newspaper. You must include a full copy of the article as an appendix item in the final copy of your essay (not the URL for the online version). Make sure you save a copy of your newspaper article for submission with your essay. *Note– UWO subscribes to Canadian Newstand, which is an electronic database and includes online versions of the major Canadian newspapers.
b) Summarize the article.
c) Select 2 (two) sociological perspectives discussed in the course (Structural Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Symbolic Interactionism or Feminism) that you think best explains the event sociologically.
d) Describe the 2 theories you selected in detail, and then explain how the two perspectives can be used to evaluate the newspaper article sociologically. Select one of these two theories as the theory that you think best explains your newspaper article. Make the argument for why the one theory explains your newspaper article better than the other (hint: this will be your thesis).
e) All material taken from external sources must be referenced properly (see attachments to essay assignment). Direct quotes must be placed in quotation marks. You should NOT cite lectures in a formal essay (you must locate the source).
f) In addition to your newspaper article and textbook, you should incorporate at least two (2) “scholarly” journal articles in your essay and reference them properly. These may be used in any part of your essay. Use these articles where you feel you need additional explanation and support. You will be evaluated on your ability to select appropriate articles and your ability to meaningful integrate these into essay. Western has an extensive online collection of full text journal articles– see the library website for information on how to use the online collection. *Note– you can access the journal article collection from external locations using EZProxy (see library webpage for instructions).
g) Essays are to be 2000 words (between 6 and 7 pages) and are due June 20, 2021 before 11:59pm. All essays submitted after the due date will be assigned a late penalty of 3% per day, including weekends. No essay will be accepted 14 days after the due date. Submit your essay in the assignments icon on the course site. Please notes that your essay will evaluated for plagiarism using via the built-in OWL essay submission feature.
This is a formal social science paper that must be in proper essay format. That means that you must include the following sections:
a) Title Page
b) Introduction
-Explain what do you plan to do in the paper and outline your arguments.
-What is your topic?
-Include the name of the author who wrote the article you have selected, the newspaper that it was published in and the date of the publication.
– What is your thesis?
c) Summary of the Article
-Provide a summary of the article
-What is the author’s main point?
*Note– you need to write as though I have not read the article. You must provide proper references here. If you do not, this is plagiarism.
d) Explanation of Theoretical Perspectives
-Explain the central tenets of the 2 theories you decided to use in detail
e) Application of Theories to Newspaper Articles
-Link the newspaper article to the theoretical perspectives you selected
-Be specific here and list specific aspects of the theories.
-Include specifics from the newspaper article– you are applying the theories to the specific newspaper article, not a general issue.
-Why does one theoretical perspective explain the newspaper article better than the other?
f) Conclusion
– Provide a summary of the main points you presented in your paper
– What is/are your conclusion(s)?
g) Appendix
– Include the newspaper article here
h) Bibliography
– All of your references, including your newspaper article
– All entries must be in proper bibliographic form.
Helpful Hints
do not use slang; short forms, or conjunctions (i.e. don’t, can’t, etc.)
organize your paper into 5 section and label those with headings
make sure you edit and spell check your paper
essay file name should be your name–e.g my essay would be “Suzanne Ricard.doc”
submit your essay in either Word or Rich text format. If you submit your essay in another format and it cannot be opened, late penalties will be applied until an openable format is received.
see file attachments to assignment for citation instructions and plagiarism guidelines.
***N.B. Sakai features an integrated service. Your essay will be scanned by When submitting your essay, remember the following:
1) Submit only one attachment.
2) Only use file types: Word, PDF, RTF, or plain text.*N.B.
3) Always include file extension.

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