The Ethical principles summary assignment is due today. I want to look at these assignments and grade them tomorrow so please get them to me today.
The work that is due for this week is a case study.
You can select any subject or case from Chap 14 or 15 of our textbook, Engaging Bioethics. The exact assignment appears under the content button in Bb and under Week 1 materials. There you will find a sample paper and a paper rubric. The sample paper follows the paper rubric. Notice that 50% of your grade should be the ethical analysis is your paper. If you read the sample paper, which is a B- paper at best, this paper is almost exactly 50% the application of ethical principles and conclusions. This is what you need to do.
This is still a pretty basic assignment and we will build off of this assignment for papers 2 and 3.
The sample paper needs improvement in the following way
When you apply the ethical principles in your analysis you need to:
1. State the ethical principle you will use
2. Define the ethical principle you use, state where the principle came from (e. g. Bioethics reading)
3. Apply the ethical principle you use, to the details of the case.
If you review the BDI Model reading in Bb you will that it describes which ethical principles apply to the character traits, intentions, actions and goals/Outcomes of stakeholders involved in the cases and subjects you need to analyze in your cases/subjects.
Chapter 14 is on New Reproductive Technologies
All developments such as CRISPR gene editing depend on developments in New reproductive technologies.
The 1st case discussed is Nadya Suleman’s Octuplets
Chapter 15 is on Human Genetic Engineering
The 1st case discussed is Designing a Deaf Baby.
Read these 2 chapter and Pick a case or subject from one of these chapters for your paper 1 assignment. You need to write your assignment based on these 2 chapters. The paper is due by next Monday June 7th and 1159 pm.
The key items you need to read and review are:
1. The paper rubric
2. The sample paper – which follows the paper rubric
3. the BDI model reading which shows which principles apply to the character traits, intentions, actions and goals/Outcomes of stakeholders.

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