In order for DC to become a state, Congress has to pass legislation. Assume that there is a non-partisan organization working for DC statehood on behalf of a wide range of diverse stakeholders from DC. The leaders of the organization would like to present a proposal to members of Congress in order to try to convince a majority of them that DC’s new state government will be well organized and well managed.
Assume that this organization has hired you to provide your expertise about how DC should organize its judicial system if it becomes a state. The leaders of this organization are not too familiar with the specific details of U.S. judicial process, so they have hired you because they know you are an expert in U.S. judicial process and they want your advice about how to structure their judicial system.
Should the new DC judiciary be hierarchical or flat?
Should cases be heard by panels of judges or individual judges?
How easy should it be to take cases to court?
Should their judges be elected in partisan or nonpartisan elections, or appointed?

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