You are the Senior Vice President of Sales for the Natun Computer Company.  This is your regular report to the CEO, summarizing the recent performance of the company. Although all stores are approximately the same in terms of retails space and workforce, there have been falling sales in some stores.  Leadership is interested in using data-driven decision making to make management changes at the region and store level.  Product Development is looking for direction to focus investments. Marketing is also interested in how the “best sellers” can be leveraged in advertising and promotions to increase overall sales.
For each analysis below, provide your insights on historical performance and your recommendations for future actions.
Use the data provided to perform the below analyses using PivotTables (required for all four analyses):
Analyze ALL THREE of the below items:
1.    Best Performing Regions by Total Revenue
2.    Best Performing Stores by Total Revenue
3.    Best Selling Products by Total Revenue
Select ONLY ONE of the below items to analyze:
A.    Total Revenue for each Product by Selling Period
B.    Total Revenue for each Region by Selling Period
C.    Total Revenue for each Store by Selling Period
Provide your insights and recommendations in a formal business case – in the form of ONE descriptive paragraph and ONE data table — for each analysis.  Each paragraph must refer to the information presented in the table using the labeled Table #.  Use APA format to label your tables.
SUBMIT – your final report with one WORD document and one EXCEL file.

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