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WebEx Class Discussion Assignment Instructions
The WebEx class discussion provides students with the opportunity to have discussion on the assigned topic for the week/module. Students will also share clinical encounters as it relates to the topic. The WebEx class discussion will allows students to interact, share experience, discuss assigned topic for the week and ask questions relating to practicum experience.
• PMHNP Role in Pediatric Psychiatric Mental Health and Family
The discussion points will include:
a. Evaluation of developmental stage
b. Assessment and diagnosis
c. Case management and collaboration
d. Treatment plan consideration
e. Engaging the family or legal guardian
The students will come prepared to class to discuss the topic. Students must attend and participate in the discussion. The assignment grade will include a physical presence, participation, and valuable contribution during the class.
Criteria Levels of Achievement
Met Unmet
Ability to Participate, Knowledge of Content, Contribution and Attendance 2 – 25 points
The student attended the Web-Ex class and was prepared to contribute to the discussion. Student demonstrated knowledge of content and participated in the overall discussion. 1 points
The student did not attend the Web-Ex class and did not contribute to the discussion. The student did not demonstrate knowledge of content and did not participate in the overall discussion.

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